Engineering Education Research Briefs

METHODS with Dr. Allison Godwin, Purdue University

March 5, 2018

Dr. Allison Godwin discusses new frameworks and methods for exploring diversity and inclusion in engineering. Allison is an assistant professor in Engineering Education at Purdue University. 

This episode was hosted by Dr. Ruth Streveler, produced by TJ Wharry, and features music from Patrick Vogt.

Supplemental Documents

Dissertation_Jacqueline_Doyle: Dissertation from 2017 that discusses the development of Topological Data Analysis (TDA)

Intersectionality of non-normative identities in the cultures of engineering:  Kirn, Godwin et al. (2016) ASEE Conference paper describing InIce results to date

Board-9…..:Benson et al. (2017) ASEE Conference paper which shows “the worm” [See Figure 2]

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